Aged Balsamic Vinegars

Our Aged balsamic vinegars are imported from Modena, Italy, the birthplace of balsamic. They are made from the Trebbiano grape and aged using the Solera Method, which involves using a succession of barrels made from mulberry, oak, cherry, juniper and ash. They are free of any sweeteners, thickeners or chemicals, such as caramel coloring.


Sunny Olive white balsamic vinegars are aged in new wood barrels and do not undergo a caramelization process. They have a rich, golden color and are a wonderful choice for salad dressings and even mixed drinks.


Sunny Olive dark balsamic vinegars are caramelized over an open wood fire in copper kettles. As the syrup thickens and evaporates, it is moved into successively smaller barrels made of different woods, which add character to the vinegar and create a rich, delicious flavor.