Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils – Fresh is always Best!

Rich, fragrant and full of flavor, extra virgin olive oil is much like wine — taste is a matter of personal preference. The many variables that go into the production of olive oil yield dramatic differences in color, aroma, and flavor, including:

  • Variety of olive used.
  • Location and soil conditions where the olives were grown.
  • Environmental factors and weather during the growing season.
  • Olive ripeness.
  • Timing of the harvest.
  • Harvesting method.
  • Length of time between the harvest and pressing.
  • Pressing technique.
  • Packaging and storage methods.

Sunny Olive’s premium, single varietal extra virgin olive oils are sourced from all over the world. Each of our EVOOs has aroma and flavor characteristics that vary depending on the country of origin and the variety of olive, but are consistent in meeting the highest quality standards. Our oils are hand-selected from small, award winning olive estates that must meet exacting standards for production. We receive two harvests of olive oil a year—one from the Northern Hemisphere (California, Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal…) in the winter and one from the Southern Hemisphere (Chile, Argentina and Australia) in the summer. This allows us to provide our customers with the freshest, highest quality oils available.

The Chemistry of Olive Oil

All of Sunny Olive’s premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils are first cold pressed – a chemical-free process using only mechanical pressure, producing a higher quality of olive oil which is naturally lower in acidity. Extra Virgin Olive Oil must meet certain chemistry standards and must exhibit superior taste, color and aroma in order to be classified as extra virgin olive oils. Extra virgin olive oils are not processed or refined.

Extra virgin olive oil is fresh pressed from the fruit of the olive tree, leaving the color, taste, vitamins & nutrients intact.  Fresh crushed olive oil is like fresh squeezed fruit juice in that it contains the most flavor and nutrients.
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