Flavored Oils

Sunny Olive offers an extensive selection of the freshest flavor-infused olive oils.  Our infused oils are made by blending all-natural, organic flavors with our ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils.
Drizzle our creamy, smooth Butter flavor over your nightly popcorn, roast your veggies using our Tuscan Herb or bake your next batch of brownies with our Blood Orange Oil.
Our infused olive oils are a fun way to add flavor to your next meal.


Tuscan Herb

Contains a delicious combination of herbal flavors including oregano, rosemary, marjoram, and garlic.



Eureka Lemon olive oil is produced by pressing fresh lemons together with organic olives at the time of crush. 


Blood Orange

Made with fresh Blood Oranges and certified organic Tunisian olives. Our Whole Fruit Blood Orange is exceedingly versatile.



Harissa is made from dried hot chili peppers, garlic, toasted caraway, toasted coriander, and toasted cumin


Wild Dill

Highly aromatic and vibrant, our savory Wild Fern Leaf Dill is a must have Mediterranean staple.


Wild Rosemary

Made with fresh wild Rosemary crushed with certified organic Chetoui olives.


Herbs de Provence

This classic herbal combination includes notes of lavender, rosemary, savory, thyme and bay leaf.



Gives off the flavor of pungent, fresh garlic. Since garlic and olive oil are often used together in Mediterranean cooking, you can use this oil on almost anything.



Use this heart healthy, vegetarian, dairy free olive oil as a butter substitute in baking, sautéing or anywhere you might use melted butter.



Fresh, green and herbal. Pairs with Raspberry, Blueberry or Strawberry Balsamic for a delicious vinaigrette.


Persian Lime

Use it almost anywhere! It can lend dramatic flavor to both sweet and savory applications.


Mushroom & Sage

Infused with fresh sage and the natural flavors drawn from Shitake, Cremini, and Porcini mushrooms.

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